The no roll, grease draining, easy clean sausage pan. Finally.

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Please support my crowdfunding campaign to enable me to invest in the press tooling needed to get this project off the ground. In return, receive one or more of the first ever batch of patented Sizzll sausage pans in Feb 19 at less than the RRP.

Thanks for your support.

Rupert Scott
Inventor and start-up business owner

How crowdfunding works

We have set a target value for the campaign equating to roughly 1000 Sizzll sausage pans to be achieved by 7th Jan 2019.

The campaign is to help us fund the up-front tooling costs required for the press operation.

If you kindly support us and we reach / exceed the target value, we will receive your money and you will receive one or more of the first batch by post in February 2019, after the tooling has been made.

If we do not hit the target, no money is taken from you electronically at all.

So if you want one of the first batch ever made, please help us reach the target by supporting us financially (effectively buying one or more) and telling your friends and family. Thanks!

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